Thursday, September 11, 2014


The Standing Tall program at our DFS Benefits Worker's Conference in Cheyenne in June was a wonderful incentive to stop and think about what is important in my personal and professional life.  I'm very proud to be a Wyoming native and especially proud of the legacy we have.  I am thinking about the program available for the youth at my church.  Thank you for sharing.

One principle I have on my code that is particularly meaningful to me is:  'Don't be afraid of storms.  They help me sail my ship better.'

Char Olson

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Douglas Courtot- UW MBA Standing Tall

Good Afternoon,

Kent Noble presented to the University of Wyoming incoming MBA students about the Standing Tall.  The code he had discussed with us was very similar to the codes from Scouting.  Since the presentation, I have received the Standing Tall certificate, which I have signed and displayed.  I have also made my own code of ethics/principles, which I have also displayed at my desk and I will do my best to live by.  Classes began today but I am actively searching for ways to better the community (including looking for volunteer work).  I look forward to informing more people about this community.  ​


Douglas Courtot

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cowboy ethics class

I am amazed at how focused and energized I am after the session I attended yesterday in Casper Wyoming. I am currently working on fixing up my own code.. I have the thoughts for each piece of my code.. I just need to write in words I like !!! I am going to incorporate parts of the Cowboy Code of Ethics in to my teen Youth Group, and possibly with the entire church!! Thanks so much !!!!

The volunteer/ community piece especially struck a chord with me. Matthew 25:40 is my “life” verse… and I am a strong believer in helping where help is needed. We do work monthly on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, In Manderson, SD. Bringing beds, other furniture, clothing and food to families we have adopted,. It began 5 years ago as a one time “mission” but has rapidly grown to be monthly. The Youth Group goes with us and we are known for this effort in our community. We also do community work days where we raise money for paint to paint homes for those that are needy and to do yard work, move furniture, any thing we can do essentially !!!

Thanks so much !!!
Kelly Cederholm
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Great program. This is not rocket science, you do not have to be brilliant….you just need to step up. Your program has stuck with a lot of our folks and it has already changed how I “really” do things.

Do what you say, say what you do!

Paula Rumsey
Instructional Coach – Oberon Middle School

Standing Tall Program

This is an excellent presentation & program that I attended at the Wyoming AWIA convention in June. It was very thought provoking & interesting.  It really does make you think & work on your code of ethics!!!

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standing tall feedback

Thank you for addressing our staff at Oberon Middle School on Monday, August 11th, 2014.

Here are a few points to consider to try to increase engagement for all participants.
  • Don't "require" agreement that the morals of our current society are in decline.  It makes it harder to fully dedicate attention to your message/program.
  • Redo the booklet to include at least one woman.  I found it hard to relate to the male cowboys depicted in the booklet.
  • Address Matthew Shepard.  Intolerance is an issue a lot of people connect to the cowboy culture in Wyoming.
  • Why assume your participants don't already have their own well developed code of ethics?   
  • Keep religion out of it, or include examples from many religions.  As a non-Christian, I felt a bit alienated.  
You have a good message and with some intentional changes you could reach a wider audience.


Sheila Askham

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Standing Tall email tag

I attended the Standing Tall Course a while back and have decided I would like to have the
Standing Tall email tag on my emails.  I am proud of it and would like to share it and encourage
others to attend this course.  My Certificate is for 2013-2016.
I have completed the requirements, attending a seminar, signing / displaying my certificate.
I will register for the blog updates now and look forward to Standing Tall with others in the Community!
Thank you,
Joy Clark
Community Development Technician
CDBG Program, City of Casper