Digital Website/Email Tags

Standing Tall graduates are eligible to receive the following digital “tag” for your company website and/or email signature.  As you can see, the dates on the tag reflect the three-year term of the certificate you received:

This tag is linked to a page that briefly explains the program and lists the community leaders that have completed it.   

Graduates must agree to the following conditions in order to display the tag:

     1. Attend a Standing Tall: What Do YOU Stand For? session.

  1. Sign the Standing Tall: What Do YOU Stand For? certificate you received upon completing the course.  As you will remember, this document includes a pledge to:  a) live your code each day; b) find tangible ways to put your principles into action; c) be a role model for principled leadership; and d) select and address a specific social need in your community.
  1. Display your Standing Tall: What Do YOU Stand For? certificate.
  1. Send an email to stating that you have done all of the above (your statement will show up on the “Community of the Code” blog).  We’d also welcome your comments regarding the Standing Tall: What Do YOU Stand For? course in your email. 
  1. Register your email address at for blog updates.
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the ability to display this tag on your website or in your email signature.

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